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1142 Merrick Avenue
North Merrick, New York 11566
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Tel: 516-481-5525 | Fax: 516-481-1264
email: click here
Store hours
Mon to Sun: 7:30am to 7:30pm
We accept most credit cards
and food stamps
    Weekly Specials

Image may contain: text that says '2160120602H038.indd Original NEW STORE HOURS OPEN DAYS 7:30AM 7:30PM HLBESTFORLESS FORLESS Sale Fri. 9/18/20 9/24/20 Merrick Ave. PAT'S FARMS New Crop NYS Apples Cortland CARDS PRODUCE Pomegranate (Each) Asparagus Beets (2Lb.) OMMUNITY BEEF BARN Super Special: Large Lemons Spaghetti Squash, 516.489.8450 Sun. Only!! 139 Round Pork Fresh Best Quality (1/2lb.) Yellow Onions Beef Shoulders DAIRY Bread Crumbs Cutlets GROCERY FLOWERS Large Selection Cream Perennials Mums/Asters Seltzer Bbl.(3 DELI DEPARTMENT Pitted for$12 (Each) Wishbone Combo Bolognaor Liverwurst Turkey Citterio Seafood Tuna Drinks Gal. Dried Apricots ORGANIC DEPARTMENT Organic Organic arthound Organic Baby Rainbow Cauliflower Carrots i-Color Farfalle'

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