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1142 Merrick Avenue
North Merrick, New York 11566
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Tel: 516-481-5525 | Fax: 516-481-1264
email: click here
Store hours
Mon to Sun: 7:30am to 7:30pm
We accept most credit cards
and food stamps
    Weekly Specials

May be an image of text that says 'Original OPEN 7 DAYSA WEEK AM 7:30 Sale Dates Fri. 5/20/22 Thurs. 5/26/22 THEBESFOLE 1142 Merrick WANTED North Merrick, NY 11566 516-481-5525 PAT'S WEDO FARMS Eggplants Broccoli Cws SERVING COMMUNITY YEARS PRODUCE Seedless Watermel Navel range only 49 DAYS SAVER FRIDAY, 990 Kirbies Green (Zucchini) Squash only AND SUNDAY ONLY! Mignon Boneless emons Peppers CustomCutoO DAIRY Creame 99% DELI Spareribs GROCERY Mayonnaise American B&G Muenster Cheese Pickles 8.z..(2 Beef 1Qt.(2For) BG Drumsticks Burger Buns Ct.Pkg. Sauce GET FREE!! FROZEN Jerry's Hotdog DelTurkey Cheese Combo Salad Dressing Goy 14.11Oz.Pk FLOWER DEPT. Decorated Ham Cheese Combo (1/2Lb.Ea ,m(3For) Fof Each $599'   

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